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The Cote des Blancs is located south of Epernay and approximately eight miles in length, Chardonnay is the dominant grape (98%).


Renowned for its chalk sub soils, this region is perfect for the Chardonnay profile and also considered one of the greatest chardonnay terroirs in the world. With an impressive six Grand Cru and five Premier Cru villages, the Cote des Blancs produces pure, mineral-infused, elegant Chardonnays that age well. 

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The slopes enjoy great sunlight exposure - balancing cold, wet and frosty conditions. 

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The slope plain has the least top soil meaning that vines grow directly on chalky bedrock. 

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Steep south east / east facing slopes - perfect for Chardonnay, which enjoys the morning sun.   

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Chapuy are usually one of the last producers to harvest their grapes annually, which ensures that the grapes have reached their optimal maturity

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Un instant, Un Champagne ... One moment, One Champagne

- The 'Raison d'Etre' of Chapuy

Chapuy has created a mature range, which boasts intense but well balanced flavours.


Particular Chapuy traditions include use of only the first press for all Champagnes to ensure a premium quality, no oak is used so as not to mask the varietal character and Grand Cru elegance. Low dosage is utilised to promote the original flavour and allow for ageing. Finally, malolactic fermentation is partially blocked on the reserve wines, to get the perfect balance and retain a great freshness.


Whereas some producers use beet sugar or cane sugar for the liqueur de dosage, Chapuy can boast that their Champagnes are 100% Grand Cru because they use sugar from the Chardonnay grape originating from a Grand Cru plot.