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The Cote des Bar is located in the southernmost part of the Champagne region, two hours south of Reims. Originally looked upon as an outcast of the Champagne region, new artisanal Producers are encouragingly making their own terroir-driven Champagne.


Pinot Blanc has a long history in the Cote des Bar and some Producers are making single varietals of this kind. The blend of limestone and clay soil (kimmeridgean soil) means that the wines boast acidity as well rich and bold fruity flavours. 

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Marginally warmer temperatures and less prone to frost due to the southern location.

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Limestone-rich Kimmeridgean marl (chalk meets clay), very similar to the soils of Chablis.

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Vineyards are mostly southeast facing and dedicated to Pinot Noir.

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21 hectares planted with noble grape varieties including the rare Pinot Blanc

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No use of malolactic fermentation to preserve the specificity of the flavours from the grapes from this region

Passion. Simplicity. Conviviality.

- The 'Raison d'Etre' of Cristian Senez

This House - in the far south of the Champagne region - pour their passion into producing non pretentious Champagnes, which are true to the terroir of Aube.


It is for this reason that their range is created without the use of malolactic fermentation, resulting in natural, fresh and timeless Champagnes, each perfect for a different moment or occasion.


Senez fuses old and new wine-making methods by using a vertical grape press that dates back to 1880 together with storing base wine and reserve wine in stainless steel vats for optimal preservation conditions. The warmth of this family shines in both their House and range. 

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